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Our Pastor and Staff

The Reverend Stewart P. Salyer is our Pastor.  Bethel is blessed to have Pastor Salyer lead our congregation with a thoughtful and inspired message every Sunday.  He is not just a Sunday morning preacher....just try and keep up with him!  Welcoming and friendly, Pastor Salyer will be happy to answer any questions, pray with you and greet you with a warm smile and outreached hand.   He is taking Bethel forward into new directions and outward into the community. 


Introducing our newest addition to the Bethel staff, Mrs. Stacey Taylor. Stacey received her BM from Union University and her M.S.Ed from APSU. She teaches music at Rossview Elementary and brings her enthusiasm and love for God to the Bethel Choir as its new Music Coordinator. Stacey elevates Wednesday night choir practice into a time of fun, fellowship and praise. The choir, under her direction, enjoys preparing music for special occasions and Sunday morning worship. Stacey and the Choir pray that as they lift their voices to God, the congregation will feel the Mighty Holy spirit at Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church.

Craig Tyre, Bethel's song leader, inspires the congregation with his dedication, longevity and energy. He also sings a beautiful solo!


Mrs. Kathy Threatt serves as Bethel's pianist.  Kathy will transport you with her beautiful renditions of old time favorite hymns, classical compositions and more contemporary works.  Close your eyes and listen, you can't help but feel the presence of the Lord.

"One of the greatest joys of my life is being able to share my love for God through music.  The Bethel Church Family embraces God and each other by using their voices, their smiles, and their unified spirit to sing praise, Whether by solos, or by accompanying the choir and the congregation, I pray that He will use me for His glory."

                                                 "Kathy Threatt"

Bethel is fortunate to have Jeff and Karen Peltier as its Youth leaders.  Jeff and Karen work tirelessly with our children and teens.  Supportive and imaginative, they encourage community involvement through serving meals to  the homeless or picking up trash along the road.  Fundraising for the youth is a priority with  car washes, spaghetti dinners and bake sales to help provide the funds for special outings and events that unite our young people in Christ and teach them our Lord's desire to reach out to others with humility and selflessness.

Also leading our Youth is Mike Friddle.  Mike is very effective in Youth Ministry as he has that perfect combination of maturity and a fun loving spirit.

What I like about Youth Group:

  Working with the youth is very important to me. I enjoy teaching the kids about God and being a good Christian. I like when the kids get involved with our meetings and they share what they think about God and how they deal with situations that they deal with in schools, with friends or family.

Mike Friddle


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