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A Message From Our Pastor


Bethel Cumberland Presbyterian Church is rich in history, both as a community church, and as part of the Cumberland Presbyterian Denomination. The church is over 160 years old, and as a result has seen many good times, many good congregations, and much outstanding Ministerial Leadership. We realize, however, that resting on the laurels of the past accomplishments has little to do with a successful ministry in today’s fast paced and technologically exciting world.


This Church Community at Bethel CPC is moving forward with an embracing of new technology while honoring the traditions of the Cumberland Presbyterian Church. Our theological foundations lead us always in seeking to share the love of Jesus the Christ with all people…both within and without the walls of our campus. Our denomination was founded on the principle of adapting to the needs of the community at large, and using those adaptations to reach out with the Ministry and Message Of Jesus.


Come join us on our Journey!

Pastor Salyer

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